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A haven of health and harmony, where you are invited to take care of yourself while guiding you in your pursuit of well-being.

A combination of therapeutic massages and natural therapies to regain the real you.

Unwind during a therapeutic massage at Zen Attitude :

Ayurvedic or hot stone massage

A healthy body, a healthy mind, an awakened soul.

"Put your mind like a feather on a pebble. Allow yourself to breathe from deep within. Keep still. See what rises."

NAET method

Relieve your allergies thanks to the NAET method!

Zen Attitude in Nyon supports you in the alleviation of the symptoms.

Allergy - Nyon - Zen AttitudeAn allergy is the unfavourable response of an individual, on the physical, physiological and psychological levels to the presence of one or several substances called allergens.

The Indian physician, Dr Nambudripad, and her NAET method

Dr Devi Nambudripad was born in India.

Having been extremely unwell since birth because of a whole host of allergies, she gravitated naturally towards the study of medicine to find a remedy for her ills (acupuncture, kinesiology).

This is how she discovered and developed the NAET method.

The NAET method (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technics) is a natural form of treatment:

  • for allergies,
  • for intolerances,
  • for hypersensitivities,
  • for auto-immune diseases
  • for many conditions

The allergies are arrested through a holistic approach, founded on the principles of eastern medicine, and it is, in reality, a collection of ideas:

  • of allopathy,
  • of Chinese medicine,
  • of osteopathy,
  • of kinesiology
  • of dietetics

An alternative medicine for all ages...

It consists of a natural non-invasive therapy, and which does not use drugs.

It can be practised in total safety equally well upon a infant as on an elderly person or on a disabled patient, but also on a person in good health in order to detect and treat "hidden" allergies likely to encourage the development of various ills in the future.

Alleviate the symptoms of your allergies!

Thanks to this technique, you achieve the permanent elimination of the allergies treated and of the symptoms connected with them.

An allergic reaction is dictated by the brain and according to the perception that it has of the substance in question. Perceiving this substance to be a danger to the organism, the brain orders the immune system to mobilise its defences against the intruder. It happens that this perception is often mistaken.

Starting with this theory, Dr Nambudripad discovered that a stimulation of the roots of the sympathetic nervous system allows the sending of a message to the brain with leads it to go back on its mistaken perception.

This reprogramming is the heart of the NAET treatment.

What happens at a consultation?

Some substances are administered to the patient, in order to discover the allergens which affect them.

We treat one allergen per session and the patient must strictly avoid contact with this allergen for 25 hours. The method is specified because of :

  • food allergies (milk products, gluten, hazelnuts, peanuts…)
  • environmental allergies (pollen, dust, mould)
  • animal allergies (dog or cat hair)
  • vaccines
  • drugs
  • problems with eczema, psoriasis, urticaria
  • constipation or chronic diarrhoea
  • asthma
  • allergies to chemical compounds and various materials

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