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A haven of health and harmony, where you are invited to take care of yourself while guiding you in your pursuit of well-being.

A combination of therapeutic massages and natural therapies to regain the real you.

Unwind during a therapeutic massage at Zen Attitude :

Ayurvedic or hot stone massage

A healthy body, a healthy mind, an awakened soul.

"Put your mind like a feather on a pebble. Allow yourself to breathe from deep within. Keep still. See what rises."

Feng shui and geobiology

Harmony in one's living space

Feng Shui
It is an art inspired by Taoist philosophy. Its practice was for a long time the reserve of the imperial family and the Chinese ruling classes.

Feng shui is acupuncture for the house which will rebalance the Chi of your interior.

Feng shui reconnects man with his environment.

It opens a space of greater well-being as much in our physical health, our psychological and mental balance.The practice of feng shui sets the challenge of understanding, of analysing, of having a concrete effect upon one's life.

The goal is to feel oneself in harmony with the environment in which one develops.

Feng shui invites us to reconsider our house in a broader and more precise manner in order to make of it a place where life truly conforms to the beneficial laws of nature. It allows the nourishing of our inner peace in the radiant joy of sharing with our family and friends in the assurance of a bright future.

"Each thing in its place ordered in harmony" is the principle of feng shui to encourage the circulation of energy, between earth and sky.

The Chi is the energy that surrounds us and is conveyed by the wind (FENG) and the water (SHUI). The hallway for example is the mouth of the Chi.

It is important that the quality and speed of the Chi should be mastered. Feng shui offers tools which allow for self-observation with keen objectivity.

You can discern your life by analysing the plan of the place where you live, the layout of your house, the distribution of the furniture, the colours, the forms, the elements of decoration.

Feng shui consists of creating a natural ambiance fed by the 5 elements :

  • WOOD
  • FIRE

And stimulating the fluidity of the circulation and movement of the energy Chi, so that it nourishes all the rooms in the house. Each element is associated with orientations, materials, colours and forms.


There is also the Yin and the Yang (female and male aspects) that create an environment that is gentle and dynamic according to the energy desired in each room. These two forces are at once opposed and complementary. They cannot exist one without the other.

Too much of one brings about the destruction of the other.

YIN represents the female principle, passivity, darkness, the night, calm, receptivity. YANG is the incarnation of the male principle, activity, light. Balancing the yin and the yang is one of the keys to a harmonious feng shui.

Implementation is based on the symbolism of the different parts of the house attributed by the bagua, a sort of plan which divides the house into sections or aspirations such as prosperity, wealth, recognition, career, children, the couple, love, health, personal development etc…

To whom is feng shui relevant?

It is the art of harmony for everyone who wants to look after themselves and their family. It is the art of taking the time to take care of our interior knowing that we are having an effect on the course of our life. It is the art of feeling the interior of our house like different facets of our personality. We can list there our success, our sadnesses, our anxieties, our joys, our happiness.

The practice of feng shui in business:

It is also possible to do feng shui in business in order to give a lift to your workplace or to make it more convivial. Do you ask questions about your lifestyle?

  • Realization of your path in life, satisfying human relationships?
  • Do you have enthusiasm and energy, are you in good health?
  • Can you give a meaning to the word abundance?
  • Are you aware that your life can be filled with joy and happiness?
  • Do you enjoy the recognition that you deserve?
  • Are you able to express your creativity?


It is the study of the influence of place on the living, vegetation, animals, men. The word geobiology is made up of the Greek words "Ge" which means Earth, "bios" Life, "logos" Speech. The goal of this science is to optimize well-being and health. Health depends on the environment in which one lives : problem with sleep, tiredness, for example. Geobiology intervenes in the following areas:

  • Influence of networks, (Hartmann, Curry), earth currents
  • Natural magnetism of subterranean faults and water currents
  • Electromagnetism of electrical appliances, computers
  • Wave forms, vortexes, funnels
  • Entities, elementals

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