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Zen Attitude in Nyon :

A haven of health and harmony, where you are invited to take care of yourself while guiding you in your pursuit of well-being.

A combination of therapeutic massages and natural therapies to regain the real you.

Unwind during a therapeutic massage at Zen Attitude :

Ayurvedic or hot stone massage

A healthy body, a healthy mind, an awakened soul.

"Put your mind like a feather on a pebble. Allow yourself to breathe from deep within. Keep still. See what rises."

Energy therapies

Zen Attitude in Nyon: treating the human being in its entirety

The therapist offers several alternative treatments for your health.

Colour therapy

Colours - Nyon - Zen AttitudeColour therapy refers to a collection of therapeutic techniques using the properties of coloured light, in order to provoke reactions of physiological adjustment favourable to the maintenance or the re-establishment of health.

Coloured light, diffused or pulsed by specially designed lamps, is prescribed in the form of a light bath or intermittently (stylets).

It can be applied in different ways:

  • At the level of the visual sphere
  • On the whole body in its entirety
  • Locally on the organs or areas affected
  • By reflex at the level of the ears, feet, hands, eyes
  • By light input on the meridian points of acupuncture

Light is the origin of life on earth. Colour waves are not only pleasant to look at but are also powerful energies. Each one of them emits specific vibrations that influence living cells.

Principles of operation

Certain colours like warm colours (yellow, orange, red) augment energy flow and tone up the tissues.

Cold colours (blue) slow down this flow. Neutral colours have the distinctive characteristic of cleaning and draining, mixed colours are regenerative, healing, nutritional. Colours induce a self-healing process.

The organism itself, awakened by the colour wave, is going to give itself the means to regulate the disorder by stimulating deficient energy or conversely by calming excessive energy.


  • Fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety
  • Sleepiness, insomnia
  • Attention disorders, mood swings
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Migraines
  • Joint problems, wounds, burns
  • And many more besides.

Because it is therapeutically effective and perfectly painless, colour therapy is very widely welcomed by patients.

The choice of colours

This is facilitated by a colour test. It invites the patient to keep or to reject certain colours in each line of a chart.

The software calculates for us the colour of harmonic resonance, the one which does us good and by contrast the one which we find unpleasant, because it evokes zones of trauma, of stress, in the corresponding organ.

It is a personality analysis tool.

It indicates :

  • Our behavioural dynamics
  • Which physical or emotional structures we need to pay attention to.


Energy treatment: harmonisation of the chakras

The organism must be in balance equally at the level of the body, the soul and the mind.

Energy treatment - Nyon - Zen AttitudeThis balance is guaranteed by the free circulation of the vital energy (the Chi) across the meridians, the centres of energy (chakras) and organs, tissues.

When there is a blockage, it can create physical or emotional manifestations. This therapy is carried out on different levels, the body, the organs, the cellular memories.

Once these pieces of information are freed, the energy is re-established and can circulate freely.

It allows us to progress and approach our health, our daily life and our personal development with serenity .


Reflexology: massage technique for the specific zones of the feet and hands.

These zones are called reflex, because they correspond to different organs of the body.

Reflexology - Nyon - Zen AttitudeThrough this massage, it is possible to act on the whole body in order to re-establish the energy balance which goes hand in hand with good health.

The scope of reflexology is very broad:

  • It acts on the effects of stress and the functional disorders of the abdominal area.
  • It allows the reduction and elimination of states of tension and the improvement in blood circulation.


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