Zen Attitude : natural therapies in Nyon

Zen Attitude in Nyon :

A haven of health and harmony, where you are invited to take care of yourself while guiding you in your pursuit of well-being.

A combination of therapeutic massages and natural therapies to regain the real you.

Unwind during a therapeutic massage at Zen Attitude :

Ayurvedic or hot stone massage

A healthy body, a healthy mind, an awakened soul.

"Put your mind like a feather on a pebble. Allow yourself to breathe from deep within. Keep still. See what rises."


Take care of yourself and allow yourself to be guided in the pursuit of your well-being!

Zen Attitude: an oasis of health and harmony in Nyon between Lausanne and Geneva

Zen AttitudeLaurence BENOIT, ASCA-approved therapist. Some treatments are reimbursed by certain supplementary insurance policies.

Drawing on long experience at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) in different fields, immunology, microbiology, allergology, Laurence Benoit opened her therapeutic practice in 2008. She is able to listen, counsel and guide people in their pursuit of the inner "Me", while taking care of their being in its entirety.

After several journeys to India and Burma, and having a great affinity with ayurvedic culture and medicine, she trained in ayurvedic massage therapy.

Always keen to teach and help others, Laurence Benoit trained in different therapies such as ortho-bionomy, reflexology, NAET method (allergies), energy treatment.

She realized that it was not enough to harmonize the being but that it was necessary to go further, into the realms of life and work. That's why she became interested in and followed a course in feng shui and geobiology, all the while in pursuit of a better quality of life.

Assistance in healthy and peaceful daily living

Thanks to ZEN ATTITUDE, contractions unravel, nervousness and tensions subside and pain is relieved, energy circulates better, allergies fade and individuals feel in harmony by restoring what is essential with simplicity, respect and love.

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