Zen Attitude : natural therapies in Nyon

Zen Attitude in Nyon :

A haven of health and harmony, where you are invited to take care of yourself while guiding you in your pursuit of well-being.

A combination of therapeutic massages and natural therapies to regain the real you.

Unwind during a therapeutic massage at Zen Attitude :

Ayurvedic or hot stone massage

A healthy body, a healthy mind, an awakened soul.

"Put your mind like a feather on a pebble. Allow yourself to breathe from deep within. Keep still. See what rises."



Chemin du Léman 6
1260 Nyon
Tel.: +41 79 457 31 45

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How to reach Zen Attitude

Located just a few minutes by foot from Nyon railway station,just off Route de Lausanne in the residential district of La Banderolle, Zen Attitude welcomes visitors throughout the week.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 09:00-19:00


  • Private car park

Practical information

Chemin du Léman 6 1260 Nyon

Mon - Fri 09:00-19:00

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